yo whatup

i make websites, type in all lower case and do other things sometimes

i know my way around html5, css3, javascript and have varying levels of knowledge of various frameworks and libraries including Bootstrap, SASS/SCSS, jQuery, node.js and react.js

i also occasionally do light graphic design and photography for my projects

title: Personal Portfolio

year: 2017

tools used: HTML,SCSS,Javascript/jQuery,Affinity Designer,Affinity Photo

framework: none

about: personal portfolio page, first experiment with scss and to test out some javascript and jquery as i was learning new functions and methods

//: need to condense js and jq, naming system needs work.

link: https://spitemonster.com/

title: Encore Recording

year: 2017

tools used: HTML,CSS,jQuery,Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo

framework: none

about: initially wanted to use bootstrap but didn't. minimal js, only for the slow scroll that i love oh so much

//: awaiting 👍 from owner. still love box shadow.

link: https://spitemonster.com/wip/encore

title: Aldaraia

year: 2014

tools used: HTML,CSS,Adobe Illustrator,Adobe Photoshop

framework: Wordpress

about: band website. first project done with wordpress, not as bad as i expected it to be.

//: no longer functional

link: https://spitemonster.com/port/aldaraia

title: Fringe Recordings

year: 2014

tools used: HTML,CSS,Adobe Photoshop

framework: none

about: first 'modern' website. was obsessed with css animations and blur. obsessed with box shadow

//: cool, amazon hosting is slow, probably really crappy technically

link: http://fringerec.com/

as should have been obvious by now, i'm a little silly.

when not at my day job, i spend most of my time working on various projects; making music, boxing, building websites, biking, taking pictures, cooking and baking, but mostly being a curmudgeon. i listen to a lot of podcasts and drink a lot of coffee.

i'm very comfortable with who i am. i'm told i can be very personable, but i find that a ridiculous notion. i can be a bit of a grump, and i suffer from depression, but i very much enjoy what i do and would be glad to do it for you as well!